Can’t believe IndieGoGo is still selling this shit!

Can’t believe IndieGoGo is still selling this shit!

Many people have complained about the utter uselessness of the Thin Ice clothing line and the unfulfilled promises of Adam Paulin, but at Indiegogo thy are still happily raking in money on this swindle!

adam paulin thin ice swindle still going on Indiegogo

It is exasperating to say the least!

4 thoughts on “Can’t believe IndieGoGo is still selling this shit!

  1. leave messages on the original campaign so people can see how upset we are and hopefully (for their sake) think twice before throwing their money away. All the claims he made about the vest are simply untrue. He took science and created a piece of junk trying to pass it off as something worthwhile. It won’t ever be powerful enough. You HAVE to use ice packs or be hooked up to a large machine. He obviously thinks we are all fools!

  2. Thanks a lot for the compliments! Hope you don’t mind, I just removed your site address, otherwise people might think you were just spamming.

  3. Love the way this is the top site if you google Adam Paulin. Hopefully that puts off big time investors.

    I got lucky that when the original offer of a refund was put out when they stated insoles where not available, I asked for a refund. And received it.

    Yet the idiots still sent out the item. Me 1 Adam 0.

    Of course I don’t use the garbage but the charger is quite good for using on my iphone

    1. Don’t mess with an SEO expert ;-). I haven’t seen anything from Thin Ice. No product, no soles, no charger… It’s a rip-off.

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