The titanic egotism of Adam Paulin

The titanic egotism of Adam Paulin

When they make a serious mistake that hurts others, some people feel guilty and try to repair the damage that they have caused. Others admit their mistake, but shrug it off and move on swiftly. But there are also those with whom the moral function seems to be totally switched off. They have no conscience. Something in their genes or their upbringing has caused them not only to not give a damn, but to completely ignore the mistake, even deny it, and keep on making it, building on it. Adam Paulin is such a person. He has the morals of a lizard, and only cares about the wellbeing of one living person: a certain Adam Paulin. With Adam Paulin, it is ‘me, me, me‘ and fuck anybody else.

Adam Paulin, the centre of his universe

We can see this clearly when we have a look at Adam Paulin’s personal website. I’m not going to link to it, but the address is adampaulin dot ME. How typical. The menu has four chapters: MY STORY, MY MISSION, MY LIFE, MY WORK. Just so you know who is the main character in the world of Adam Paulin. Nothing about MY BACKERS, for instance, the people who gave him their hard earned cash so he could fulfil his dream: get rich. (continue below the image)

Adam Paulin egotistical maniac

The size of Adam Paulin’s ego is staggering. No reflection on the shitty quality of the Thin Ice weight-loss clothing line. Just bragging about the money he raised. Because let’s be clear, when Adam Paulin says ‘Thin Ice has exceeded my wildest expectations‘ he means the crowd funding for Thin Ice, not the quality of the product. And of course not a word about the bitter disappointment of his backers, whose expectations were everything but exceeded. Each and every one of the people who have received Thin Ice are heavily disappointed, as you can read in the Indiegogo comments about Thin Ice. And when they contact Adam Paulin to complain about the aesthetics or the effectiveness of their weight loss vest, Adam Paulin gives them the cold shoulder (which is more than can be said from the thin ice vest itself, that will just cool a small spot between the shoulder blades, directly under the ugly protruding fan).

The Adam Paulin Legacy

Adam Paulin sees himself as a great success, having raked in a cool million in crowd funding. He thinks of himself as a goal-getter, a person who will go all out for the best result. Why does he work so hard, you might ask. Well, Adam Paulin has this incredible drive because het wants to ‘leave a legacy‘ and ‘make an impact that leaves a ripple long after I die‘.
Well, I can say Adam Paulin DID make an impact. He has cheated and belittled thousands of backers on Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Fundrazr, and singlehandedly done more damage to the crowd funding system (based on trust) than any other developer worldwide. And the fact that he continues to build on his scam and sell himself as a crowd funding guru, shows us he has a cold, cold heart. On the other hand, we must admit he did a great job crowd funding. So where that is concerned we join Adam Paulin in his self celebratory chant:

“Hail Adam Paulin!”

3 thoughts on “The titanic egotism of Adam Paulin

  1. He could have made the vest better in many ways. First, use of a compression shirt type of material to make it tighter. Second, use more cooling plates around shoulder blades, and last, have s plate at the front. It’s not hard to look up where the brown fat is mostly residing in most people. He chose the lowest costing way to deliver a product so he isn’t technically lying, but look at what he gives out on TV and you will know it was all possible but would have costed him a little more money on each unit. He wasn’t willing to give backers anything more than a cheap version because he is interested only in getting the profit.

    1. Michael, he is 100% lying! IT DOESN’T WORK AS INTENDED! It’s all a smokescreen. If you were to take the vest and have it tested against the claims it would fail. Adam Paulin is a con artist, taking science concepts and developing pretend, ineffective products while charging a premium. The suckers like me believed him at first and got conned, simple. Do not make excuses for this rude, arrogant man.

  2. To the author of this article, well written! That is EXACTLY what happened! The man is a snake ripping off people and gloating about it!

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