Coolweightloss Vest Scam saga continues

Coolweightloss Vest Scam saga continues

Coolweightloss vest image lady from behind size smallSomeone selling a ‘Coolweightloss’ vest that looks suspiciously like a cheap THIN ICE rip-off? Is Adam Paulin still at it? I just got a reaction in the comments that seems to indicate that he is. I’m not going to help this crook to get more traffic and better ranking by linking to the site, but it’s called coolweightlossvest dot com and the name was registered in 2018. Of course the registration for the coolweighlossvest domain name is anonymous, but we find some strong indications that the ‘new’ product is actually a slightly adapted version of the incredibly ugly nylon vest originally sold and sometimes delivered by Adam Paulin ‘Crowdfunding Guru’ under the name ‘Thin Ice weight loss vest’.

Coolweightloss is ThinIce

Coolweightloss vest by thin ice

How can we tell that coolweightloss vest is the same as the Thin Ice weight loss vest? Well, for one, it has the same rickety ventilator on the back. The placement making it impossible to use the vest while leaning back. So no losing weight while sitting on the couch watching Netflix and snacking on pizza. The configuration of the vest also means you can not wear it under your clothing. This used to be one of the main selling points for the Thin Ice Vest that was advertised as a thin layer vest cooling you down unobtrusively while working and going about your regular life. This ventilator will not work underneath a layer of clothing. A second proof of coolweightloss and ThinIce being one and the same is even more convincing. It says so on their Youtube video page!

Coolweightloss surprisingly honest

Got to give scam artist Adam Paulin one thing. This time he does not seem to be selling something he can not deliver. The coolweightloss vest on the pictures and in the video looks like the cheap trinket that it actually is. A 2 dollar fan on a 2 dollar vest, sold with a big load of verbal crap for $190. Check it out…

Of course he has to be more honest this time, because he can’t hide behind the Indiegogo reward scheme, where the only thing the seller needs to do is pretend he is actually developing what he says he is developing. At Indiegogo you are not paying for a product, but for what they call a ‘perk’: you are supporting an innovator hoping at some time to get the innovation as a gift. If the innovator does not deliver, like Adam Paulin did, there is no way you can get your money back.

Don’t buy the Coolweightloss Vest!

Adam Paulin has swindled many people and made more than a million dollars doing so. Just check out the seething comments with his original Thin Ice Cooling clothing line. The weight loss vest sold here is worth 10 bucks, tops. You’ll wear it once, find no benefit and throw it in a corner of you closet, feeling depressed for having again been duped by someone taking advantage of your insecurity about your weight or body shape (believe me, I’ve been there). Use the money to buy healthy food, or treat someone you like to something nice. The rewards will be WAY higher and you’ll feel much happier.

Can coolweightloss vests really help you lose fat?

Here is an interesting article. The writer tested a cold vest and found wearing it 24 hours a day would make her lose 50 extra calories. 50! So if you wear a cooling vest 8 hours a day, you lose about 6 calories. 6! That is the equivalent of… ahm… one little bite of a banana? Running for 30 seconds? The science behind lower temperature helping you burn more fat is pretty shaky. But then… so is this knock-off cooling vest.


5 thoughts on “Coolweightloss Vest Scam saga continues

  1. Glad you’re keeping up with Adam. I guess he wasn’t able to unload all the vests that me made him make.

    1. Yes, there might be a lot of people who paid Adam Paulin who now in stead of wearing a vest are bearing a grudge. I’m one of them. And I’m a grumpy old vindictive bastard who is going to keep this up forever.

  2. Shocking how he’s allowed to continue, becoming rich with no intention to supply, just hope people do there research before they buy

  3. It turns out that Adam Paulin isn’t just scamming people with his vest. We hired him to help us with our crowdfunding campaign in 2018, paid him $6000 and he took the money and ran. He gave us a couple of deliverables (probably worth somewhere around $1500) but bailed on us right before our anticipated launch. He has not responded to any emails or phone calls. Completely unethical, criminal and he needs to be held accountable. We’ve tried going through lawyers but would ultimately spend more trying to prosecute him. Thank you for putting up this website – hopefully it will prevent others from being swindled by him.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this. It is very difficult to find good people to assist you in creating a campaign. I have a couple of sites and have spent a lot on folk who didn’t deliver. But never that kind of amount. Some people just have no morality or ethics. Must be some key element missing in their brain or something went very wrong in their upbringing. Adam Paulin has taken so much money from so many… I hope that this site will stop at least some people from doing business with him.

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