Thin Ice Contact for refund and/or lawsuit

Thin Ice Contact for refund and/or lawsuit

Looking for a Thin Ice Contact address for duped backers? Here we are! The ongoing deception of Adam Paulin makes a lot of people angry. Some of us have gathered to maybe try using the law to get our money back. This action was initiated by Martin Woollard one of the backers who has opened a special mail address. If you want to join in, please contact Martin through the mail address below. Update 2: unfortunately, the inscription for this list is closed, so I’ve removed the mail address. But you can always try to get a new group of unhappy backers together through the Indiegogo Thin Ice comment section.

UPDATE! Adam wants to be kept in the loop.

How nice, a comment below, from some ‘Annonymous’ (sic!) who wants to be kept in the loop about the goings-on concerning the backers trying to get a refund ad maybe starting a class action law suit against Adam Paulin. If we would be so kind as to add him to the mailing list.

This person does not want to give his name, because he does not know ‘how legitimate this website is’. And oh yeah, before I forget… he would also like to be kept in the loop anonymously because he is Adam Paulin!

How do I know, you ask? Well, the address he would like to have added to the mailing list of disgruntled backers is a dead give-away:

And Beyond Nature Products  is the website you land on when you follow the link from to Puzzle Pieces Idealab, Adam Paulin’s crowd funding consulting company).

I must say I’m a bit underwhelmed by the strategic prowess of our crowd funding guru. If you want to get a peek behind the scenes of your ‘enemy’, don’t use the mail address of a domain you own!

UPDATE 3: I’ve just learned that Adam Paulin has threatened Martin Woollard (the guy with the mailing list) with a law suit in Canada because of this site. Good luck with that, because Woollard has nothing to do with this site. I made it without consulting him. If I had consulted him, he probably would have asked me not to mention his name. This is my site, made of my own volition, without any incitation from anybody.  Maybe we should start an Indiegogo campaign to crowd fund legal action against Adam Paulin, make him pay for his massive damage to the crowd funding system. We’ll ask Khierstyn Ross to help us. I hear she’s very good.

15 thoughts on “Thin Ice Contact for refund and/or lawsuit

  1. Hello!
    Please add me to your list right away so I can follow along on your progress as I too am tied to the Thin Ice campaign.

    I’m a bit nervous to disclose my name in contact form since I don’t know how legitimate this website is but once hear back from those involved I can share that!

    Looking VERY forward to hearing from you,

    1. Is this ‘good’ Adam Paulin?
      I’m sorry, but the mailing list is closed, it seems. You’ll just have to fight ‘bad’ Adam Paulin all by yourself.

      Why don’t you start by backing off from Woollard? He has nothing to do with this site and therefore has no influence on its contents. You have a problem with some things written here, repudiate them! The comments are open!

  2. Hi,

    I’m the guy mentioned by the OP at the beginning of the article and wanted to add a correction. As part of the arrangement brokered for refunds I was required to close the list of people who had contacted me and cannot accept any more names.

    1. I just emailed them that I am also demanding a refund. If you’re getting one everyone else who requests one should as well. They did not provide us with what we agreed upon.

    2. Martin, were you and the people who contacted you actually issued refunds? Because I contacted thin ice directly stating they need to issue refunds to all not just some and they told me you and your group were not issued refunds, rather, “an exclusive trial opportunity that is not available at this time”. Just wanted to get your side of things and I have hit my limit with this fraudulent “company”. Thanks.

  3. @Martin Wollard

    Dear Martin,

    I think it is very brave of you to go against Adam and his team. They scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from people.

    My boyfriend ordered the vest and accessories for me as a gift over 2 years ago and since then we found out he has got cancer so life has changed. I emailed the Thin Ice team about refund because we need money due to the bills and just living costs. We were ignored. No understanding whatsoever.

    If we could also be added to the list, it would be an IMMENSE help. I realise that it is a long shot but nearly $300 is a LOT of money for us.

    Please be so kind to let me know, how can we get in touch with you.

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi, Karoline,

      That is terrible. You can e-mail Martin directly on He can’t add you to the list for legal reasons but he can maybe help you with info regarding refunds via the credit card companies. Maybe that will help you out.
      Good luck!

  4. I contacted Indiegogo & explained what Adam did & how he starts “new campaigns” disguised as “upgrades” so he can pull in even more money while he continues to scam his original backers & skate around Indiegogo’s so-called policies. Indiegogo basically said “too bad” not their problem.

    Well, Indiegogo can go-go to hell. They are just as guilty as Adam Paulin so far as I’m concerned, & do nothing more than provide a convenient platform with protectionist policies for scam artists like him. I’m deleting my IGG account & swearing off any crowd funding of any kind from any sites.

    Adam Paulin, karma’s a bitch & you WILL get yours in the end. I’m betting your demise won’t have anything to do with crowd funding. Just ask Martin Shkreli. He’s now facing 20 years & it didn’t have anything to do with jacking up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%, which is what pissed everybody off in the first place.

    1. Thanks for your feed back. Keep sharing this site, so we can reach a good Google position to let as many people as possible in on the disaster of Adam Paulin and his Thin Ice Weight-loss closing line.

  5. This is one of several con’s I have backed, the others haven’t bothered to ship a product. However of the items that I have backed and received, I am utterly horrified. Indigogo and Kickstarter are as bad as each other and it is sad because there are genuine people out there that produce good stuff. Thin Ice is not fit for purpose in any way whatsoever.

    1. Hi Don, I really really want to sign this petition so as to stop this thieving company from screwing other people out of their hard earned cash too. I have made countless complaints and had many replies from the one person that they have fielding their angry messages.
      I clicked on the link but I only got an error message.
      Well done for taking the initiative to get this ball rolling.
      Best regards
      Sally Herbert

  6. I signed the petition. I can’t believe they are getting away with this and I can’t believe indielielie (because they support liars) would allow them to do this. I’m out $184 for a piece of crap false advertising product. I’ve complained to indie and on the product page and been told that it is what it is. It isn’t right. I know you closed this lawsuit because you had to but there had to be a way to get a class action suit going against these lying thieves.

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