My Thin Ice history – the bungling of Adam Paulin – Crowdsourcing swindler

My Thin Ice history – the bungling of Adam Paulin – Crowdsourcing swindler

Below, I will share the messages from Thin Ice during their long crowd funding campaign. The messages in blue are from me to Adam Paulin. My comments on the information given are in green

Hello ,

We were so excited to hit the $500,000 stretch goal that the team was up really early to watch us hit that milestone around 4:50AM EST. With more than one week left we did it!! If you didn’t see our stretch goal announcement, you are going to automatically receive a FREE gift as a thank you for your support so far.

For every pair of insoles you’ve bought… You’ll receive one pair of Thin Ice Socks. (The insoles never made it to market,  socks were never distributed)
For every vest you’ve bought… You’ll receive one Thin Ice Undershirt. (The undershirt was never mentioned again, nor has anyone received it, as far as I know)
These upgrades are machine washable and are thermally conductive to enhance the experience and effectiveness of Thin Ice!

What’s Next?

**Right now, if you ONLY want your one free pair you don’t have to do anything.. Just let us take care of the heavy lifting

**Want to buy more than one pair of Thin Ice Socks or the Undershirt? We’ve opened up TWO new perks where you can purchase either for the low price of $15.

Adam Paulin & Khierstyn Ross
Thin Ice Weight-Loss



Exciting things are happening here at Thin Ice.  As Thanksgiving in the US is approaching, we thought it was the right time to reach out and share a few things.

First, in keeping with the season, we wish to once again give you a great big thanks, wherever you live. The Thin Ice crowdfunding campaign succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.  It was all because of the support from thousands of people like you – from all over the world – who want to experience a scientifically validated approach to weight loss that doesn’t involve fad diets.  We truly appreciate your support and your commitment to your own health.

Second, as you know, the campaign was to raise funds to further develop the product.  The success of the campaign has allowed us to work creatively with our prototype designers to enhance the comfort and fit of the vests.  You will find that sizing won’t be a problem and that your vest will be adjustable to maintain its comfort and effectiveness, even as you start to lose weight and drop sizes.  The consequence of this innovation is that delivery will be a bit later than we anticipated.  Innovation often comes with some complexity.  However, we know you will be thrilled with the improvements we’vebeen making.  We are on track to have these to you by the second quarter of 2016.

Finally, because all of this improvement and innovation is a result of your generosity, we wish to thank you for your support and your patience with a little generosity of our own.  With your Order we are working on a NEW Special Gift that will enhance your experience and assist in your Goal to become physically fit…more about this exciting New Product in Future Communications.

Look forward to more Monthly updates.  In the meantime, stay cool.


The Thin Ice Team




Hello Gregor Hakkenberg van Gaasbeek

We meant to send this yesterday but got a little too “vested” in green beer…our President is Irish so what could we do?

The first piece of news is our Prototype Vest was featured at The Great Ideas Show in Orlando, Florida last Month and the feedback was outstanding. Our goal was to demonstrate the technology, have people wear it and get feedback so we can make improves. We now have two major Global Distributors that want to take it to Market.

The next piece of good news is we are still on track to have the vests delivered by late Q2 as promised ….we will keep you up-to-date as we get closer.

The next piece of news is we are working on Thin Ice 2.0 which will offer more benefits than 1.0. Although this Vest will be  more expensive we will be offering anyone who wants to upgrade from Thin Ice 1.0 to do so at no additional charge. Deliver time for Thin Ice 2.0 will be by Year End.

Last but certainly not least for those who purchased the Iceland trip we are finally all squared away with the trip itinerary, and what a trip it will be! We’ll be spending 5-days in that beautiful country and will get a chance to see the Northern Lights in their full glory. We’ll make sure to send photos of our journey to the rest of you!

Exciting times here for us at Thin Ice and we would like to Thank all of our Backers for your Support and Patience as we work to deliver the very best products possible.

Hope you didn’t drink too much green beer!!!

The Thin Ice Team


Greetings All,

Well it’s the last day of March and tomorrow we head into April and Q2 of 2016. As promised we are still on schedule to deliver Thin Ice 1.0 to those still wishing to receive it however with the excitement being generated around Thin Ice 2.0 we want you all to know the option to upgrade is still available to all of our original Backers.

What’s different about the 2.0? It’s sleeker, longer-lasting and features a biofeedback mechanism that allows it to adjust to your body temperature in real-time to maximize comfort or effortless calorie burning. A true innovation! It also comes with 2 innovative supplements to accelerate calorie burning and suppresses appetite.

We have had a lot of people already upgraded. We also need to know the interest levels in the upgrade levels BEFORE manufacturing the 1.0 so here is a survey where you can indicate your desire to upgrade or stick with the 1.0. Those who don’t respond by end of day April 15th, 2016 will receive the 1.0:

Through our relationship with York University in Toronto, Canada we have been receiving some exciting news about the advancement of the technology and some new things we are going to be able to do with the Vest. The App is fully completed, tested and works extremely well however we are going to be doing some upgrades on this for Thin Ice 2.0.

In next Months update we will be including a Survey that we would appreciate your help. It will include some information on features you would like to see on future products along with information on our Studies and Trial Groups. All-in-all we are very excited about the next few Months and looking forward to making 2016 a remarkable Year.

Thank You for your continued support!!

The Thin Ice Team



Update on Updates

Hi Backers!

Because of the results of recent surveys offering our Indiegogo backers the opportunity to upgrade from the 1.0 version of the technology to the 2.0 version of the technology for free, we have decided to split our updates into 2 individualize email send outs:

1. One recurring update email will go out to those sticking with the original plan to the get the 1.0, which is shipping next month.

2. One recurring update email will go to those who upgraded to the 2.0

We have made this decision because about 65% of you decided to upgrade to the 2.0 technology and we don’t want to over saturate people with messages that no longer directly apply to them.

We will be sending all these upcoming updates directly via email. We have sent 2 updates in the last 3 days (one to each group).

Please respond directly to each email with inquires as it will go directly to our customer service department. You should also email if you haven’t received an email in the last couple days to make sure you are on the appropriate list.

Thank you everyone for understanding and we are so excited to keep the dialogue with you all going via direct emails.

Talk to you soon!

The Thin Ice Team



Dear ,

We hope you are doing very well. We have reached out a few times to share a survey link with you where you had the opportunity to select whether you’d like to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the Thin Ice System for free or stay with the 1.0 system.

A whopping 91% of your peers have opted to upgrade and thus, if we do not receive a survey response from you, we will upgrade you automatically in line with what the vast majority of people have opted for. Even if you DO wish to upgrade, it is important you answer the survey for us to streamline our operations and ensure everyone is sent the proper correspondences and products going forward.

Respond to the survey here:

If you select to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the technology, welcome aboard! The Thin Ice community is extremely exited for this technology to reach their doorsteps and we’re thrilled to have a part of the journey. If you select not to upgrade, we will be in touch shortly after your response for next steps.

Respond to the survey here:

Thank you so much for officially making your selection. We very much appreciate your time.

Wishing you the very best,


06-29-2016 (6 minutes later)

Dear Gregor Hakkenberg,

We hope you are doing very well. We notice that you are part of the roughly 9% of backers who chose to still receive the 1.0 version of the Thin Ice technology when given the choice of upgrading to the 2.0 system for free. As such, we wanted to reach out and provide an important update.

Because of the overwhelming decision of your peers to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the technology, in place of the 1.0 version, we have had to make the tough decision of cancelling the 1.0 technology manufacturing process. Unfortunately, due to economies of scale and the indisputable feedback that the 2.0 version of Thin Ice is the higher demand version, we cannot put the long-term viability of delivering the 2.0 technology at risk by ramping up for such a small and exclusive shipment of 1.0 technology.

We completely understand your desire to receive Thin Ice as soon as possible but unfortunately we have to listen to the majority of our backers to best serve the Thin Ice community as a whole.

So what are your options?

We can offer 2 options to you given the circumstances and thank you, in advance for letting us know exactly what option you’d like to proceed with.

  1. You can join the vast majority of your peers who opted to upgrade to the 2.0 version of the technology and join in on that exciting journey.
  2. You can opt to receive a refund which will be issued by PayPal on July 25th, 2016, when an investment will enter the company to accommodate such requests.

You can decide which option suits you best using this survey link:

Please do ensure you answer the survey as soon as possible so we can ensure we act accordingly and provide you with the best possible service.

We thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, regardless of your decision, for your support in bringing this technology to market. We look forward to acting to make the rest of your experiences with Thin Ice as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.

We have ramped up our support staff during this period and we are looking forward to receiving any inquiries you have at

Wishing you all the best.




Welcome to the club.

Hey everyone! You are officially a part of the Thin Ice family. Wether you’ve joined us through Kickstarter, Fundrazr, Indiegogo, or anywhere else, you’re not alone! Over 4,500 of you have backed our campaign, which combined from all sources has raised over $1 million CAD. We all have the same goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible for us to keep our bodies healthy and at the right weight. We’re so excited to be delivering the Thin Ice 2.0 System to you in December. Until then, we thought we’d help encourage you with health tips, give you updates on the production, and make it easy for you to share Thin Ice with your friends and family. So join us every week! We’ll be here.

We have a very exciting announcement to make this week: Thin Ice will continue to be available for pre-order on Indiegogo InDemand starting Monday!
This means if you didn’t get as many systems or accessories as you wanted, you can still order more! Whether you want to buy Thin Ice for a friend as a holiday gift or send the link to a family member, you can continue ordering Thin Ice via the link below.


Hello Backers!

We were very pleased to see that our newsletter answered the majority of questions and concerns that you had. This is a quick update just to keep you in loop. Our timelines projected in our newsletter are still accurate! This means we still plan on shipping in December. As usual, if anything changes on that front we would be sure to communicate this with you as we become aware of them ourselves.

Also there have been a couple questions that we want to address such as:

1.     Do you have a working proto-type ? Can we see it?

2.       I have changed my mailing address what do I do?

3.       I think I may need a different size, what did I do?

We do have a working proto-type and it functions brilliantly! It works as we expect it to and we are sure that you will be happy with the results.

You will be able to see it in our next newsletter (approximately 3 weeks) as we will include photos of real life people of different sizes / genders wearing the vest so you can see exactly how it fits.

In the newsletter we will also include links to update your mailing address and sizes. Please looks for this and complete so that our records are up to date.

The newsletter will also describe the unique features/benefits of the vest that you might not have been expecting! We are very excited to be delivering Thin Ice to you!




I bought a neoprene type vest from you with thin cooling elements. The THING you are showing in your newsletter doen’t look anything like it.
Please don’t send me this monstrosity and refund my money.


Thank you Gregor
There have been some concerns since our newsletter went out a few days ago.

One of the biggest concerns that has been raised is the appearance of the Thin Ice vest. We know that for some of you this is a non-starter, but for the majority of you backers we believe that the content in this note will help to assuage some of your initial apprehension to the Thin Ice vest as it exists now.

This journey has been one of challenges and growth, with our product and our team. And yes, it has taken some time as well. But, as with any investment, returns are not always immediate; things change, research and development evolve prototypes, and we weren’t going to ship you a product we did not believe was functioning at its peak performance.

Our goal at Thin Ice was and is to create a product that delivers an avenue in which you can reach your weight loss goals and we believe we have done that. Your generous backing to Thin Ice was your contribution to the idea that we could realize a wearable technology that would aid in weight-loss. For those who backed at certain levels, you would receive Thin Ice at a discounted price and before it hit the market, but more importantly you backed this project because you believed in the idea we presented on how you can lose weight and reach your personal health goals. Your investment assisted our research and development teams to bring to life the idea we all believed in.

The vest has evolved over the course of our campaigns and what we have developed in its current state is the best option to deliver the technology we’ve been working on; the technology you’ve invested in. Over the course of our campaigns we’ve worked with several prototypes of the vest and were never satisfied with their functionality – until now. We am sure that you can agree a vest that delivers on the technology we promised carries a greater appeal than a vest that is visually perceived a certain way with diminished results.

Our campaign was responsible for funding our research and development, manufacturing and delivery, and as you’ll see on our crowdfunding pages, there is a finite number of dollars to put towards these imperative steps. As we continue to grow and people see the results of the technology of the vest, we are going to resume working towards our vest’s aesthetic goals.

So, while the look of the vest has changed over time, your perks, your e-book, the App, and other bonuses (vest remote and charger) have not, you’ll still be receiving everything you’ve signed up for. We hope that you won’t let the vest’s aesthetics dissuade your excitement for what the product can do for you; functionally, it is better than we ever thought it could be during our campaign.

Ultimately, if you do not want the Perk of your investment, please let us know and we will not ship it to you.
We believe in this product. You backed our vision, our idea, our belief that there was a weight loss system that allowed for the possibility of priming our bodies even when time may not permit us to otherwise do so. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results of your vest once you start using it.

Thank you,

The Thin Ice Team.

Customer Service



Dear Gregor,

We know that this has been a long process for all of us and we cannot express how much we appreciate your patience and support. We want to provide you with this update to continue with our trend of being more transparent and keeping you as informed and up to date as possible.

Before putting together our packages for fulfillment we randomly checked vests, powerbanks, etc., to ensure functionality and completeness. We noticed we had an issue with the lifespan/capacity with a few batteries and decided to pull and check them all. In the end, we had to request our supplier send us a fresh batch as the original ones did not meet our standards. Since the powerbank/battery is a critical part of the Thin Ice experience we decided it was critical for us to correct this issue before fulfilling your orders. We are happy to say we have corrected the issue and are planning on continuing the fulfillment process as soon as our factory opens again after Chinese New Year. This celebration happens once a year and lasts for almost a month.

That being said, our factory has committed to have key staff shorten their New Years’ festivities to help bring this project to completion as soon as possible. Please expect the fulfillment process to start again in February. We will post another update once things are up and running again and our eager and prepared supply chain finally gets put into action.

Once again we appreciate your patience and just know we are committed to getting you the best version of Thin Ice.

As a reminder, the very best place to send your inquiries and comments is to where we have staff dedicated to your happiness, education and assistance.

Thank you very much and please keep your eye out for upcoming updates,

The Thin Ice Team



Dear Sir,

On August 4, 2015, I ordered a Thin Ice Weight loss Vest that was not delivered within 30 days of the promised delivery date. I paid in advance, a total of165 USD including shipping.

I hereby exercise my right to cancel the agreement under the late delivery provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and request that my 165$ be returned to me within 15 days, as required by law.

I have enclosed a copy of the agreement in support of my cancellation. Please respond within 10 days of receiving this correspondence.


Thank you,

This is Crowd Funding… not an online store or business. You made a pledge, investment to the concept of Thin Ice. Because you pledged at a certain level, you receive the Perk. Please review your crowd funding page for which we made your pledge. We have been clear in our communications and are not bound by a 15 day time frame. Thank you for your patience.

Customer Service




Hello Backers!

You have spoken and we have heard you! We have been able to nail down a more concrete timeframe for you. After speaking with our facility partners the process is running smoothly.

Understanding that you have all been waiting a long time, we have asked them to send us large batches as they are ready so that we can expedite the shipping process and thus get Thin Ice to you quicker.

They have agreed and sent the first batch to us. We are told it will arrive to us on March 28th. We will immediately turn it around and begin to move Thin Ice so that it can start it’s journey to you! We will provide photos as well so that you can see it in transit.

We understand that many of you have been with us from the beginning however all Backers are important to us. We want to give everyone a fair opportunity to receive their Perk as soon as possible. So this is what we are doing:

We are sending a MANDATORY Survey to all Backers on Monday (we will also post the link to the Survey on our campaign page). The survey will contain 2 items:

1) Do you still wish to Receive Thin Ice? (Refunds are not Available)  Yes/ No

2) Please provide us with your full mailing address to receive Thin Ice

We will be shipping on a first come first served basis on the full completion of the Survey. One important reason we are doing this is because we want to ensure that we are not sending these Perks to those who are uninterested or tuned out before those who are excited to receive them. Knowing we’ve asked multiple times for address updates, This will help us ensure that we are not creating any further delays by sending to the wrong address. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thin Ice is Coming!



Good Day Backers! And happy first day of Spring! Below is a link to our Survey. This will allow us to ensure that we have a correct address from you as well as have you indicate that you are still wanting to Receive your Perk. This will help reduce any delays from occurring when shipping to the wrong address or to a Backer who no longer wants to receive their Perk. We are excited to bring Thin Ice to You!

This Survey IS MANDATORY before shipping can begin.

Our mailing address is:
Thin Ice Inc.
250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201
Toronto, On M5B 2M6



Good Morning Backers,

First, we wanted to share some very exciting news with you! For the last couple weeks we have been running a Thin Ice program with willing local Backers to see how effective the Thin Ice System, including Thin Ice Vests, can really be.

Here are some interim highlights of what we’ve found:

  • Participants range from 20 – 40 years old
  • Varying fitness/activity levels
  • Average weight loss = 5lbs per week

Feedback from participants about program:

    • “Thermogenic Diet was straightforward and easy to understand”
    • “5-Minute workouts were do-able even for a beginner”
    • “Turning on the vest and burning additional calories is as easy as it gets”We will share some additional results with you later in the program. However, so far we are very pleased as to what we are seeing!

Shipment Update

We wanted to update you on our progress in getting Thin Ice to our fulfillment centre from our Chinese Factory.

Close to the units going into the water, in a final quality control effort we noticed that a small number (roughly 1/1000) batteries would give off a small rattling noise when shook. Although these batteries passed extensive 3rd party quality control testing and are completely certified we wanted to be very cautious and held back the order to find an appropriate solution.

After substantial research into the matter we are being assured by engineering professionals the batteries are completely safe, even with this small rattling sound. That being said, we were able to remedy the problem by adding a small clear film onto each battery power button. This will both help eliminate the rattling from batteries that do have this trait but will also ensure other batteries do not develop it. You can see more details in this video:

We are so relieved that everything is completely fine now and that this all-important first order will contain goods we can be very confident in from a functionality and safety perspective.

So what is the result of all this? The next available date for our order to leave the port is April 23rd and you can see the specifics below.



This means we will be shipping out units after they arrive in our fulfillment centre “roughly” on May 6th, based on the current timeline. We are pleased that things are progressing after the vests and batteries have been put through such scrutiny by our testing. This really demonstrates to us their resiliency and we expect them to function optimally for you, our backers, for a very long time after they are received!


Hello Backers,

We here at the Thin Ice team hope that this Spring is treating you well thus far and that you are enjoying a happy and healthy transition out of the winter. We wanted to reach out and provide an update on the latest shipment status for Thin Ice.

The vests have now passed through US customs and should be in transit to our fulfilment centre by the end of next week. Although there were a few delays getting the vests past the customs phase we are happy to say things are still moving along towards delivery. Once the units reach our fulfillment centre our first order of business is to start fulfilling crowdfunding orders.

The process will be to ship out vests with a mainstream delivery service and then provide you with a tracking number so you can watch the progress of your perk(s) on their way to you. To ensure deliveries are being received effectively we will send out a test batch before ramping up to sending perks in bulk.

Since there should be more developments than usual for the next little while we have decided to start releasing weekly updates (released on Fridays) to keep you up to date in real time as we get close to the final leg of the fulfillment journey for these vests. Thank you for your support along the way and touch base with you soon.

Thank you,

The Thin Ice Team


Hi Backers,

We here at the Thin Ice Team hope you had a fabulous week. This update will be short and sweet since it will largely build upon the update from last week.

As we projected last week we are now shipping out some perks and provided tracking numbers on a small scale to test out whether products are being received properly to different parts of the world. So far, there haven’t been any hitches so a large number of you should start to receive tracking numbers for your perks next week as the following week as perks go out.

If any of you would like an update on their particular shipment status please simply email so we can update you on the status for your particular reward. Please just be advised that because of the Canada Day holiday there may be a slight delay in responses over the weekend. We appreciate your understanding there.

As mentioned last time, this will be our last FORMAL weekly update but if anything substantial comes up we will definitely be posting about it as soon as it occurs. We will also still post updates regularly but with less frequency now that are grinding it out in the fulfillment stage.

In the meantime, we are happy to be at the stage now where a lot of you will be receiving and trying your perks and are excited to hear your feedback when using Thin Ice. We want to continually make our technology and offerings better so feedback to is greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your patience along the way and again, if anyone has any questions the best place to reach us is

Thank you and have a great weekend,

The Thin Ice Team



Nothing received yet.


Nothing received yet.


3 thoughts on “My Thin Ice history – the bungling of Adam Paulin – Crowdsourcing swindler

  1. I’ve decided that anything that goes through Indiegogo is a sham. We’ll see if I receive anything about shipping….. Indiegogo has washed their hands of any campaign- they’ve got their money

  2. I received my “joke” of a vest today. Beyond disappointed!! Cheap piece of cotton. uncomfortable velcro large protruding fan located between shoulders because the “vest” is really only a half shirt. No way this could be worn unless standing in the privacy of my bedroom–can’t sit and cover fan. Can’t put under clothing as to cover up the fan. Only cold in one small circle of back…no way this small circle can cool my ENTIRE BODY BY even one degree.

    Please keep the second vest and provide shipping information to return this vest and give me a full refund $338 –maybe add some interest as well. You have had my money for almost two years.

    You have single handed ruined any other inventors from receiving my backing because this was such a huge failure. I will never again back anyone with ideas of producing in the near future.


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