Looking for pictures of the final product

Looking for pictures of the final product

Hello peeps! As someone who can really nurture a grudge, I’m still at it, Paulin-bashing. For my next article, I would like to show some pictures of the product actually sent out to people. Personally I didn’t get anything for my hard earned money, so I can’t show the shit he finally sent. So please send me any pictures of the thin ice vest through

4 thoughts on “Looking for pictures of the final product

    1. Looks like it. How do you know it is him? At least now he is now actually selling the ugly, useless version that you can’t use leaning back on the couch. In stead of the fantasy version that was never going to exist. If I can be sure it is Adam, I can add some pages detailing the new ‘coolweightloss’ name to warn people who they are buying from.

    2. OK, in the video it shows the ‘ThinIce’ power pack so we can be sure it is the same producer. Time for some SEO copywriting! Thanks for the heads up.

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