Thin ice weight-loss vest… from great idea to large scale swindle

Thin ice weight-loss vest… from great idea to large scale swindle

The Great Thin Ice Swindle

You know how you sometimes come across a product that really opens your eyes to a new concept? Thin Ice Weight-loss was just that. A smart way of using cooling clothing to speed up your metabolism, make your body work harder at heating itself, thus burning reserves fast. Adam Paulin from Thin Ice Weight-Loss promised us just that: an extra 500 to 1000 calories burned daily without any extra activities. Great idea, and backed by scientific research, as well.
Sooo… I fell for it. And so did about 5000 other people world wide. Little did they know that the ‘inventor’ of this product was never going to go all the way in its development. His main goals was not to develop Thin Ice clothing, but to rake in as much crowdfunding money as possible. This site tells the story of the Thin Ice Swindle and explains why thousands of tech backers on Indiegogo and other fund raising sites now feel that the risk of being let down is too great and have stopped backing start ups.

The original idea: a cooling vest to lose weight.

This is the first version of the ‘thin ice swindle’ weight-loss vest that ‘Crowd Funding Guru’ Adam Paulin used to start crowd funding on Indiegogo. He would also get on Kickstarter and Fundrazr, to milk the Thin Ice scam even more.

thin ice swindle - a two step way to scam millions of crowdfunding

Below, the upgrade to version 2.0, a way to keep the Thin Ice Swindle moving along.

The backers of the original thin ice weight loss vest who preferred receiving the version 1.0 in december 2016 were told they were such a small minority they were obliged to wait for 2.0.

How Adam Paulin used the Thin Ice swindle to crowdfunding millions on a scam

The final product.

The end of the  Thin Ice Swindle – a ‘perk’ that looks more like a nasty way to fat shame. Look at the chubbies thinking there might be an easy way to get rid of all that flab. Lazy bastards, serves them right they got screwed by Crowfunding specialist Adam Paulin!

By the way, the insoles were never heard of again.

Embarrassing fat people with the thin ice swindle

8 thoughts on “Thin ice weight-loss vest… from great idea to large scale swindle

  1. I have just paid an extra £12.75 in customs fees to get the worst pile of plastic crap that I have ever seen. I would never have signed up to get something so utterly useless, ugly and unwearable….certainly not for the price I paid and for it and to wait over two years! I’ve just watched the video again and this surely MUST be illegal as it is so opposite to what was promised. Not to mention the fact that we paid for insoles and undershirts….this is outright theft.

  2. Got the product a few weeks ago and it’s terrible. Completely unusable. The cold generator is barely cold, and the fan generates so much heat that I was sweating after 1/2 hour. Piece of crap.

  3. His vest was not backed by science. There is no science that shows having your back or chest cold burns 500-1000 calories. Crazy that anyone believed that in the first place. Guy was obviously scamming people.

  4. I have some updated information on this scam that I think you (the author) will find very interesting. Please email me. I have written proof too.

    1. Annabella?

      I’m starting to believe there is no Annabella. The site belonging to ‘her’ mail address – – is not active and the registration is anonymous. Which is pretty weird, because why would you try to prevent anyone to find out that the owner of the site is a certain Anna Browne? Unless…

      Wait a minute… Is this Adam Paulin again (!) posing as someone else in a devious ploy to find my identity? Let it go, man. You fucked us over to get your cake. Now choke on it.

  5. Interesting that he’s doing v2 Kickstarter with the same comments again.

    Watch him push for a 3rd one.

    But Adam I actually got one over you as originally you did offer refunds which I got but you still sent me the product (like the piss poor admin team would). I actually use the power pack for my iPhone to this day.

    So f*ck you Adam haha

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